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Vero applies financial technology to residential leasing to increase deal flow and recover marketing spend in a frictionless and secure experience.

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Cut time from lead to renter
by more than 99%

Fast, Very Fast

Stop relying on slow third-parties or internal resources to verify an applicant’s financials; Vero does it safely in seconds.

Truly Mobile

Our applications are built for mobile, allowing prospects to submit before the ride home and clients to close deals on the go.


Anyone can alter a PDF pay stub, bank statement, or employment letter, but no one can fake the transactions in their bank account.

Vero income and balance verification


Know your applicants with multiple layers of identity verification and two-factor bank authentication.

Bank-level identity verification
Comprehensive credit report
Federal, state, and local criminal check
Nationwide eviction history check


Our algorithms do the hard work for you, verifying income and asset information in seconds.

Digital income verification
Bank and brokerage account asset reports
Financial risk analysis
End-to-end encryption


Set automated approvals and execute eLeases to convert your leads to renters in a seamless process.

eLease execution
Adaptable risk scoring
Secure document storage
Inventory management

Elite technology, unlimited configurations

No real estate company is the same. Vero offers integrations with major property management and CRM systems to make sure our tech works for your process.

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